Michael W. Morris
 is the Chavkin-Chang Professor of Leadership in the Management Division of Columbia Business School, and a Professor in the Psychology Department of Columbia University. He is a leading expert on relationships, conflict resolution, decision-making, and creativity, with a special interest in the role of culture. Full bio »

Psychology and Campaigns

November 12, 2012
Obama Turns to Behavioral Scientists
After Obama's re-election, Benedict Carey of the  NYTimes explores the role a team of Behavioral Scientists played in the election process. By applying well-researched concepts backed by empirical evidence, Michael Morris and the other members of the "Dream Team" proposed a number of small behavioral changes with big results.

Politics and the Science of Persuasion
John Meroney of Playboy discusses the Consortium of Behavioral Scientists and their role in the 2016 Presidential Election. During the 2012 election season, Michael Morris and a team of fellow academics employed decision science research in consulting with the Obama campaign.  

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